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1992-5 Dashiqiao sunqiang refractory material factory was established.

1993- change to Dashiqiao sunqiang refractory materials Co Ltd.

1995 so far - Baosteel Group Corporation 300 tons of converter, 250 tons of converter overall contract.

1999- extensive technical cooperation with major scientific and technological institutions. Product innovation breakthrough, in short supply.

2000- the introduction of domestic advanced quality monitoring management mode, product diversification. Company rapid development.

2001- company is Yingkou City Hall judges exempt enterprises, product users satisfaction rate of 100%

2003 so far - the new steel iron and Steel Group 180 tons of converter, 250 tons of converter overall contract

2005- the people's Republic of China Liaoning exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau on-site assessment confirmed, in accordance with the Liaoning exit inspection and quarantine system outside the lab filing management requirements, grant the record.

September 2006 through ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification.

2007 company integrated resources, consolidate development. Restructuring for joint ventures, products and international standards.

In 2008 the company was awarded the Liaoning provincial enterprise Association for the outstanding private enterprises in Liaoning Province, the integrity of the enterprise in Liaoning province. In 2009 the company was awarded the full quality management of the acceptance of qualified units.

In 2010 May the company was the Second Council refractories Association as executive director of the unit.

In 2011 the company product best-selling domestic and foreign markets, enterprises and enterprise to serve the country, serve the society.